Trinity by Lauren Dane

A Cascadia Wolves story
Samhain Publishing

Erotic Paranormal/Shape Shifter/Menage

ISBN: 9781605046945

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Coffee cart owner and witch Renee Parcell and feline shape shifter and lawyer Galen de La Vega have been dating and living together for a while now.  They have mated and bonded as a couple.  Galen soothes Renee’s soul and her heart belongs only to him.  Galen is a cat shifter and as such their love making is hot, heavy, and often.  The two are inseparable and don’t even look at other people, much less desire them.  Galen is all Renee wants in her life and she is content.  But if this is the case, then why is she looking at her new customer like she could lick him up for dinner?

Jack Meyers, an Enforcer with the National Pack of werewolves, never thought his dream of finding his mate would ever come true.  But it has in the form of smoothie and coffee cart owner Renee Parcell.  Except there is a problem. Jack can sense her desire for him, but he senses something else – she carries the mating scent of a feline.  His inner wolf roars its discontent in his head, but Jack knows that in order to have a mate, he will have to accept more than just Renee in his life.  Galen is part of the bargain as well.

Lauren Dane’s wolves make me howl.  I love everything about them – how they mate, their skills in the bedroom, their love for their mates.  Then the ante ups and I meet Galen de La Vega.  Lord have mercy, but this feline shape shifter was naughty and nice all rolled into a nice big *cough* package.  His love for Renee was absolute and unwavering.  The only thing I didn’t like about Trinity was Renee.  I disliked her stubbornness, I found her unworthy of either man, and her attitude just plain got on my nerves.  She is not the best female lead character Lauren Dane has ever written, that’s for sure. 

As for the storyline, Trinity was intriguing to me as a reader.  It appealed to my romantic side when the three characters were together, especially Jack.  I adored that wolf completely.  The last problem for me with Trinity was the ending.  It just, well, ended.  Nothing was resolved and I felt I was let down.  When Trinity ended without a true conclusion to the Galen/Renee/Jack sandwich, I sat in stunned silence.  We’ll see if this is resolved in other books.  I’ll cross my fingers.


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