The Papillion Prophecy: Hierarchy by Madelaine Montague

New Concepts Publishing

Paranormal, Shape-shifter, Menage Plus

ISBN: 978-1-60394-311-6Reviewed by Patrice F.



Bronwyn Williams inherited her grandmother's boarding house along with a few words about her future.  Her destiny lies with a special man and the child resulting from their union.  Her Nanna's predictions have always been on the mark, which is why she leaves her small town and heads for the city.  When she meets Constantine, a true blood vampire, Luke, a Lycan shape-shifter, and Caleb, a cat-lord, Bronwyn isn't sure if the three alphas are destined for her.  Of course, they refuse to give her breathing space to contemplate the matter.

The Papillion Prophecy: Hierarchy carries bits and pieces of Twilight, the House of Night series, and Sookie Stackhouse books combined.  Like the character Zoey Redbird in Marked, Bronwyn has a mark on her symbolizing a dramatic change in her life and has a close relationship to her grandmother.  Her coloring and personality made me think of Bella.  She is an outsider in her community and has a brief stint waitressing. Guess who? If you said Sookie, I'll admit that was an easy guess without reading the novels or watching Trueblood.

Then there are the men in Bronwyn's life.  Luke is obviously channeling Jacob, Constantine is a ringer for Eric Northman (with touches of Edward), and Caleb reminded me of the shape-shifter from Illona Andrews's Kate Daniels Magic series.  There's also a decent amount of alpha male rivalry to back up my claims, too.  

Areas needed to be extended and fleshed out more.  Corners were sliced and diced throughout the plot, and then the ending was abruptly cut off at the knees.  Ouch!   Despite my candid observations, I found it quite entertaining, if a bit rushed.  The characters are interesting and solid, working out well in the cramped space they're assigned.  There are touches of humor, sexy kink and inspiring plot twists I've come to associate with this author, but overall, The Papillion Prophecy: Hierarchy was not quite as strong as her other work. 


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