The Bite of Silence by Mary Hughes

Biting Love, Book 3

Samhain Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-60504-854-3

Reviewed by Shayna



It’s almost New Year’s and Twyla Tafel, executive admin for the mayor of Meiers Corners, is heading to New York to party.  What she doesn’t expect is to see Nikos, a Spartan vampire hotter than any 300 actor, on the same plane as her.  Too bad the only time Twyla can get Nikos to talk to her is when she’s needling him.  But all that changes in the Big Apple when Twyla uncovers a plot to let loose crazed vampires in Times Square on New Year’s Eve.  Twyla needs Nikos’s help to stop the plot before blood is shed, and close contact brings the simmering sexual tension between the pair to a full boil.  Time’s fast running out for Twyla to save the day and get her vampire.

Ring in the New Year with the explosively hot The Bite of Silence!  Mary Hughes pairs two sexy protagonists with a race against time to deliver this exciting, entertaining story.  Twyla is an enchanting heroine.  She is likeable, intelligent, and beautiful, but she lacks self-confidence.  I loved that Nikos sees how capable and bright she is and works to make her see it as well, sometimes using mouth-wateringly delicious tactics.  The Spartan general is all reserve on the surface, but get under his skin and watch out – instant heat!  The incendiary attraction between Nikos and Twyla produces erotic results that are every bit as appealing as the tenderness between the two.

Though The Bite of Silence is the third story in Ms. Hughes’s Biting Love series, it can be read on its own.  As a fan of the series, I admit that, while I enjoyed seeing the world of the vampires outside of Meiers Corners, I did kind of miss that zany little town Ms. Hughes made me fall in love with.  Still, The Bite of Silence is everything I’ve come to expect from one of Ms. Hughes’s stories; sexy, engaging, and oh-so-much fun!


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