Seduced by Danger by Stephanie Julian

Magical Seduction, Book 6

Ellora’s Cave

Erotic Fantasy/Paranormal

ISBN: 9781419921995

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Cara’s dreams of becoming a mother came true when she never expected it to happen.  The man who fathered her son, Michael Corsi, makes Cara dream of how it could be.  His passion and love keep Cara going when she wants to give up – but she isn’t going to give up.  Her man, her lover, the father of her son has to be in her life because she refuses to settle for anything else.

Michael Corsi is a killer and he doesn’t care.  Cara, the mother of his son, deserves vengeance for the abuse she has had to put up with and Michael is the man to deliver.  With only one man left to kill, Michael can go no longer without seeing the woman he adores – especially if he loses this next battle with his enemy and perishes.

Vengeance with a capital “V” is the name of the game in Stephanie Julian’s sixth Magical Seduction book, Seduced by Danger.  Michael refuses to give up searching for and annihilating the men who hurt his woman and that fact alone endeared him to me.  The fact that he was smoldering hot and exquisitely formed just added fuel to an already blazingly hot fire!   Cara was his female equal –feminine but not weak.  Loyal to her man, she was perfect!

Stephanie Julian is quickly becoming an author for me to watch.  I was totally Seduced by Danger and enjoyed every single word!


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