Naked Bootleg by Ann Jacobs
Gridiron Lovers, Book 1

Ellora’s Cave

Contemporary/light BDSM

ISBN:  9781419921582

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Small town hero Bobby Anthony has just signed a multimillion dollar contract to play professional football with the Memphis Maulers.  He has dreamed of leaving his small Texas town behind for longer than he can remember and looks forward to the opportunity to do what he loves to do – play football.  When he arrives in Memphis his destiny awaits him in the form of Mauler cheerleader Marly Ragusa.  She is everything that Bobby desires in a woman and he wants to make her his forever.  Marly begins to believe him until an old flame comes to town needing Bobby’s help.  Will Bobby give up what he has with Marly to rekindle old flames or will the sparks that Bobby and Marly create be enough to keep their fire burning?

Naked Bootleg should come with its own warning label! The sexual intensity and stormy emotions of the characters spring from the pages of this well written and steamy novel.  Bobby Anthony is a small town boy – his dreams are big, but so is his bank account.  I love how he only had eyes for Marly and in doing so endeared himself to me forever.  No other woman would do for him and that is exactly what I crave in a romance novel. 

Ann Jacobs definitely scores a touchdown with Naked Bootleg! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the rest of the Memphis Maulers!


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