Merry Christmas, Paige by Mackenzie McKade

Samhain Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-60504-698-3

Reviewed by Shayna



Fate, in the form of an emergency in-flight tracheotomy, lands Dr. Paige Weston in Kauai rather than her planned destination of Fiji.  While most people wouldnít mind spending Christmas in Kauai, for Paige itís the last place she ever wanted to see again.  Five years ago Paige met and fell in love with Nathan Cross, only to have his ex-girlfriend appear on the scene a week before their wedding to announce that she was pregnant.  Paigeís dreams were shattered when Nathan walked out on her, and the intervening years have barely dulled the hurt of love lost.  Still, with the hospital in Kauai severely understaffed due to an emergency, Paige canít see the harm in helping out for one nightÖuntil she discovers her first patient is Nathanís daughter.

As soon as his divorce was finalized, Nathan was planning on flying to Paige and atoning for the mistake of leaving her.  Imagine his surprise when the woman he loves and left turns out to be the doctor tending to his daughterís cut.  After five years of yearning for her, Nathan isnít about to let Paige go.  But neither Paige nor Nathanís lives are as simple as they once were, and getting his second chance with Paige wonít be as easy as saying ďI love you.Ē

Christmas is the time for miracles, including a second shot at happily ever after in this sizzling reunion story by Mackenzie McKade.  Nathan and Paige are two people clearly meant to be with one another, but being in love and in lust with one another was never their problem.  Old wounds, not to mention Nathanís manipulative ex, stand in their way.  While itís true that Nathan made major mistakes in his past, the way he cares for his loved ones (particularly Paige and his utterly adorable daughter, Cami) went a long way to him winning me over.  Paige, in turn, is a generous and forgiving soul who canít resist falling back into Nathanís arms, but at the same time realizes more than he the difficulties they face, in that it isnít possible to simply pick up where they left off.

Ms. McKade knows her way around, under, and through a love scene, and Merry Christmas, Paige definitely shows this.  Readers are in for a naughty good time in Kauai as Nathan and Paige make up for five years apart, in every way.  I always enjoy Ms. McKadeís books, and Merry Christmas, Paige is no exception.


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