Melody’s Men by Sapphire Blue
Cobblestone Press
African American Contemporary/Ménage/Gay
ISBN: 978-1-60088-410-8
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Melody St. Claire was all set on spending some much needed quality time with her boyfriend, Sean Blackston, in a cozy Aspen cabin when he called and cancelled on her at the very last minute due to a professional basketball photo shoot.  Although, deeply hurt, Melody still managed to let Sean talk her into going to the cabin alone for a self-indulged, pampering treat.  Melody was about to discover that Sean had a pleasant, pleasurable Christmas gift for her. 

For the past three years, Sean Blackston had enjoyed his relationship with Melody St. Claire tremendously.  Nevertheless, Sean knew that there was something missing and it was the special bond that he shared with his best friend, Terrance.  In the past, he and Terrance jointly shared numerous women in a little ménage a trio’s action.  So, this holiday season, Sean would to present Melody with a special gift that would take their relationship to a whole new, passionate level – he would introduce Terrance as a third in their bedroom.  Now, the question became - will Melody happily accept both men as her lovers?

Melody’s Men was one spicy, wicked read!  The chemistry and passion shared between the three simply melt the pages.  The smelting heat started in the beginning and never once let up until the ending made its appearance.  So, readers, be prepared to squirm around in your seat as you completely immerse yourself in a world of lustful desire.  I promise that you will NOT put this book down for one moment until it is completed.  This story was purely about the enjoyment of Melody, Sean and Terrance’s sexual encounters, whether as a twosome or a threesome, over the period of the holiday week – nothing more or nothing less.  Nonetheless, Melody’s Men didn’t leave me hanging.  Instead, I found it to be a fantastic read to pass the time on a cold winter night.


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