Hotter than Hell by Raine Weaver

Samhain Publishing

Erotic Paranormal

ISBN:  978-1-60504-722-5

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



“The Rose Legacy”

Camille Price has traveled to her aunt’s home with the intention of claiming her inheritance.  What she finds when she gets there, however, is an aunt who is so innately sexual Camille is almost embarrassed.  The demands placed on Camille by the aunt are harsh and the only light in Camille’s life at the moment is the man in the cabin on the property.  Mace makes her forget herself, her horrible aunt, even her need for a drink.  Camille has no idea that the man she desires is from the devil himself.

May I just say that this novella totally creeped me out and it wasn’t the incubus/human plotline that did it.  It was Camille’s aunt.  She was the ickiest character I have ever run across and one that I hope to never read about again.  Camille was little better – she was quite stubborn, but not as strong as I like in my heroines.  The above made for an interesting read, that’s for sure.



If Leyla Cheval isn’t a demon, then ex-minister Adam Bachmann doesn’t know what is.  For months he has been feeding her sexual appetites to the point that he is almost making himself sick.  But he can’t help it.  Leyla is in his heart, and his blood and he can’t seem to rid himself of the desire for her. But be rid of her he must if he is going to save innocent lives. 

I think if I had a preacher like Adam, I might head into church anytime the door opened.  Blasphemy aside, he was sexy as heck and a good man to boot.  Succubus Leyla Cheval was like an open book of sex without any ending. I frantically read and hoped that true love was enough to save them – thank goodness it was. 

Hotter than Hell by Raine Weaver might be an acquired taste for some readers.  I took this book sight unseen, but wish like crazy I had read about it first. Incubus and succubus love are not my cups of tea and it was all I could do to finish both novellas.  But that has nothing to do with Raine Weaver’s ability to write a story – that is my preference completely.  Hotter than Hell takes no prisoners and delivers a hauntingly and often chilly look at what could possibly happen if demons were real.  I found the love scenes very erotic and well written – both couples in the novellas brought out the best in each other. 

If paranormal romances with incubus and succubus lovers are your thing, don’t hesitate to pick up Raine Weaver’s Hotter than Hell.  The novellas won’t disappoint.


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