Forward Pass by Ann Jacobs

Gridiron Lovers, Book 2

Ellora’s Cave

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 9781419921650

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



All-Pro quarterback Keith Connors needs help.  His wife died giving birth to their son and with her death, Keith becomes the soul caregiver of his child.  But he needs assistance.  He is being run ragged with all of the things going on in his life, especially his career with the Memphis Maulers.  Keith doesn’t enjoy the groupie parties like some of his friends, but he finds himself lonely.  Until Tina Black enters his life and worms her way into his heart. 

Tina Black is doing her best to get her life back on track. The victim of a horrible attack by her stepfather, Tina doesn’t trust men that easily, however when she sees quarterback Keith Connors struggling to care for his son, she knows she is the one who can help him.  As months go by, she and Keith become friends and their sexual attraction to each other smolders in the background.  Tina knows that she is in love with this caring and beautiful man – who wouldn’t be? All she has to do is find out how Keith feels about her and that is going to be harder than she thought.

I love the plot and premise of Forward Pass.  I like that Tina needed to heal and trust again.  But nothing was ever stated about her stepfather.  It was like he disappeared and readers were not really given an inside as to what he did or how he treated Tina.  Then there was Keith.  He didn’t like after game parties – or so he said.  He did attend one party and what happened at that party almost made me stop reading Forward Pass.  I lost faith in Keith as a man for his behavior and still haven’t forgiven him yet.  I may not ever.

Forward Pass by Ann Jacobs is enticing and the love scenes erotic.  However, I was thrown out of the book by Keith’s after game behavior early on in the book and that made me doubt his feelings the entire novel.  While his behavior might not bother some readers, it bothered me and I will definitely not read Forward Pass again.


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