Blue Moon by Lorie O’Clare

A Lunewolf Novella

Ellora’s Cave

Erotic Shape Shifter

ISBN:  9781419925153

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Sandy Parks is the mother of her pack’s queen.  Her daughter is in her element and out on her own which leaves Sandy lots of times to do what she likes. Pack and family mean everything to Sandy and as a widow without a mate she is often lonely, but not lonely enough to just settle on any wolf that comes sniffing after her.  The only man she has seen in a long time worthy of even a second look is Ralph Hipp.  Rumors fly about his prowess as a male, and when he turns his wolf eyes on her Sandy is unable to even think clearly, much less deny the attraction she feels – even if she fights this attraction with every bit of her heart that she can.  It’s a good thing Ralph Hipp isn’t scared of his mate, because he knows what Sandy is to him and he has waited long enough to claim her.

Sandy and Ralph burn up the sheets in Blue Moon.  As a mother of a grown daughter, I got tickled at Sandy’s daughter trying to tell her how to run her life and who to run it with.  I listen no more to my child than Sandy does to hers and that is a good thing.  Ralph has watched and waited and wanted Sandy for more years than he dare count.  The wait was over and when Ralph decided to take what he wanted the blushes began on my cheeks and I was immersed in this highly provocative novel. 

Blue Moon is a true Lorie O’Clare novel.  The sex is intense and often and the feelings and emotions of the characters bubble to the surface.  I give it a thumbs up!


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