Alexandra’s Legacy by N. J. Walters

Samhain Publishing

Erotic Paranormal/Shape Shifter/Contemporary

ISBN:  978-1-60504- 803-1

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



All of her life, Alexandra Riley has wondered about her father and mother.  Growing up without her mother, her father was everything to her and they are very close.  However, there is one thing that Alexandra doesn’t know, but before her father can explain more fully, she is swiftly taken away by the man that just tore her entire world apart – Joshua Striker.  It seems that Alexandra isn’t just a normal, run of the mill young woman. She is the daughter of one of the most powerful Alpha wolves to ever exist and then to top off her already crappy day, it seems she is going into heat and no man will do for her what she knows Joshua Striker will.

Alexandra’s Legacy by N. J. Walters was entertaining but somewhat redundant at times.  Alexandra and Joshua were constantly battling the bad guys and I was often overwhelmed by their continuous fights and battles and the danger they were frequently in.  Alexandra’s Legacy stalls somewhat while Alexandra and Joshua are trying to get out of town – it takes them at least two days to do so and I thought that was an inordinately long period of time to have to read about them running.  That said, I will be the first to note that Joshua Striker was loyal, brave, and very sexy.  His countenance and ability to protect Alexandra was noteworthy.  Their love scenes were hot and emotional, but somewhat scripted.  I never grasped the idea that they truly cared for one another and when that happens, I get so disappointed.  N. J. Walters’ writing style shines in Alexandra’s Legacy, but I just didn’t like the constant danger mode of the entire book. I wanted Alexandra and Joshua to be able to unhurriedly fall in love and that just didn’t happen. 


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