Zeke by Beth Williamson

Devils on Horseback, Book 3

Samhain Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-60504-238-1

Reviewed by Talia Ricci




Zeke Blackwood is the most tortured of the men known as the Devils on Horseback.  Ever since the first woman he loved died a violent death, Zeke has hidden his pain behind the glass of a whisky bottle.  Never sober for long and craving alcohol hourly, Zeke tries to wash away his pain to no avail.  However, others see in Zeke what he can’t and the town offers him the position of town sheriff – If he can stay sober and if he can leave the saloon girls alone.  Zeke does his best to stay sober; it is a daily trial.  When he sees Naomi Tucker, a new girl in town, he is intrigued and interested.  When she becomes the first person he arrests as the new sheriff he becomes aroused and they spend her jail time in the most naughty of ways.  The past has a way of catching up to everyone and Zeke and Naomi are no different.  Zeke’s battle with alcohol is far from over and Naomi’s own demons threaten their newfound relationship, Zeke and Naomi must decide which is more important – having a life that they both have only dreamed of or giving in to the very things that Zeke is trying to avoid.

Beth Williamson sucker punched me with this one.  I ached for Zeke and his disease. And it was a disease. Unable to remain sober even though he was one of the most loyal of men, Zeke tore my heart out more than once.  I just wanted to reach in to the pages of Devils on Horseback – Zeke and grab him and hold him close.  His and Naomi’s love burned brighter than any star and I am glad they found each other.

Grab the tissues ladies and indulge yourself with this wonderful Western romance.  No one can write a western like Beth Williamson and Devils on Horseback – Zeke is just an amazing read.  I hated to finish it.



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