Working Jerusalem by BA Tortuga

Torquere Press

Contemporary (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-60370-431-1, 1-60370-431-0

Reviewed by Sabella



Todd is all about enjoying his life, which is as sweet as can be.  He is his own boss, as owner of Jerusalem Coffee, and he gets his pick of guys willing to play with him after all the work is done.  However, when Todd comes across JD, a serious workaholic, Todd knows he has found a true prize, but he is going to have to woo JD away from his work and into Toddís way of loviní, which might be harder than he suspected.

As things get hotter between Todd and JD, JD is forced by an abusive boss to choose between his career and Todd and JD isnít at all sure which he should pick.  But Todd is not about to let the hottest man he has ever found get away from him, especially over a little fear of the intensity of their play or the threats of JDís boss.

But will JD be brave enough to face all thatís coming his way?  And will he let Todd prove that he is willing to give up everything, if need be, to build a life with JD?

Working Jerusalem is a wonderfully erotic romance by BA Tortuga that explores the limits of a man under pressure and the willingness to explore kinks that might be a little frightening on a personal level when explored for the first time.  Todd is a great character with his joy and certainty in himself, his unwavering faith in JD and their potential for a real relationship full of love and, of course, kink.  JD, on the other hand, is driven and just as hot as Todd, but he has yet to find his inner strength to be who he is without shame or fear.  As these two come together they will burn each other up and leave you sweating while waiting for their next escapade.  Working Jerusalem is a great read for a day when a little spark and sizzle are what you are looking for and BA Tortuga certainly delivers that and much more!


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