Woman in Black Lace by Carolina Valdez

Amber Heat


ISBN: 978-1-60272-252-1

Reviewed by Patrice F.



For one evening, Phebe Jones decides to throw caution aside by attending a masquerade dressed as a seductress.   Her tryst with an attractive man from the party is delayed when suddenly, she is swept back in time to the Highlands into the bedroom and arms of Alex Ross.  From the moment the hunky Laird sees her in the black lace gown, his entire body goes haywire.  The night erupts into a passionate encounter thatís beyond fulfilling. 

The next day, Phebe finds out that sheís slept with a complete stranger instead of the kilt wearing hottie she was looking forward to hooking up with the previous night.  Thatís just the beginning.  She quickly learns that sheís in the past with a man she canít say no to.   How will she be able to convince him thatís she from the future?  And how will she return to her own timeóprovided she still wants to?

Everything about Woman in Black Lace was an excellent fit.   The characters, the dialogue, action, and the setting worked together like a well-oiled machine.  Ms. Valdez did a superb job with her background research involving the historical Highlands and culture.  There were a lot of details that made me want to know more about this period and its people.  Iíd also like to look for more work by this author.  She has a fresh way with words and descriptions, and her characters are remarkable and believable.


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