With Every Breath by Lynn Kurland


Time Travel

ISBN: 0515144703

Reviewed by Amelia



Sunshine Phillips loves Scotland. What she doesn’t love is her nasty boss or the flat tire she had on the way home after being fired for punching him. She’s curled up on her couch, waiting for her brother-in-law to come and get her for the “witch’s” dinner, when there is a knock at the door. She opens it to find a man standing there, and he’s not an escort to the main house.

Robert Cameron is Laird of the Cameron clan in 1375. When one of his brothers dies in battle, and the other is mortally wounded, he rides to the neighboring clan to fetch the “MacLeod witch,” hoping she can save his brother’s life. What Cameron finds is a beautiful woman named Sunshine, who takes his breath away. Their love grows strongly and quickly, but danger is all around them.

Cameron is bound by duty to marry his brother’s widow. What’s left of his clan, though, can’t stand having him in charge, and when he finds out Sunshine is from the future, he tries to return her through the time portal. But things don’t go exactly as planned.

Sunshine ends up back in her own time, and is devastated to find out Cameron is not with her. When she sees him next, things have definitely changed for both of them. Can they recover their love, and face danger together?

I love Lynn Kurland’s time travel novels. They are full of history, adventure and love that tugs at the heartstrings. Having said that, however, I had some trouble reading With Every Breath. There seems to be an inordinate amount of fainting and other physical ailments in this book, both for the hero and heroine that wore on my nerves after a while. I also had trouble dealing with Sunshine at times, she changed from a strong willed herbalist who wasn’t surprised to find herself back in time, to a woman given to great amounts of crying and the desire to bail out completely in the future.

Still, the love between Cameron and Sunshine is strong, and watching them overcome his problems proved interesting, at times. It was also wonderful to see characters from previous books make appearances so we could see how they were doing.

For me, a longtime Kurland fan, With Every Breath was somewhat of a disappointment. But it won’t keep me from reading her novels in the future, or rereading my favorites of hers, which still reside in my library.


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