Witch Vamp Were? by Anne Douglas

Huntingdawn, Book 2

Loose Id

Paranormal, Ménage

ISBN: 978-1-59632-833-4

Reviewed by Jo



Rob Deidrickson is the Alpha of the Huntingdawn pack and he wants to play a joke on a thorn in his side, or words to that effect in Alpha language.  Rob has asked his friend, vamp Jakov Pieter, to prove that vampires really do exist in a shocking way.  After all, that is what Shaun wants to know about now – isn’t it?  Things seem to get turned upside down when Shaun is around and of course tonight is no different.

Shaun Ingelstead is sitting in the cemetery waiting for something when she decides to ask a question of her grandmother many times over, whose tombstone she is currently sitting on.  Imagine the surprise all around when not only does she get an answer but her grandmother herself.  Interestingly enough, the ghost knows Jak pretty well and isn’t afraid to let both Rob and Jak know her thoughts.  Finding out that she has unknown powers is just the beginning of the surprises that night for Shaun.

Rob and Jak are trying to figure out what is going on and where all the sparkles came from.  The result of a prank gone wrong is the lust that is now surrounding Shaun, Rob and Jak.  It seems that the Moonstruck Prophecy is not finished quite yet but no one seems to know exactly what the prophecy is.  Shaun, Rob and Jak will have to figure it out while coming to terms with the fact that this witch, were and vampire are now one hot and sexy trio in every sense of the word. 

What’s a new witch to do when she is sprinkled with blue dust along with the two sexy men with her?  Witch Vamp Were? follows Shaun, Jak and Rob while they try to figure it out.  The humor and jokes start from the first page and once the heat and flames show up, it’s a page-turner to see just what is going on in Huntingdawn now.   I was caught up in the zingers, instant passion, mystery-solving and fun-loving trio from the very beginning.  There was no way not to love Rob, Jak and Shaun as their story was unfolding as everyone knows that there must be humor and understanding along with passion to have a wonderful relationship and this trio has that in spades.  My only complaint is that the ending cliffhanger was just that and it left me wanting the next book immediately!  If you are looking for a fun and passionate story then you cannot go wrong with Witch Vamp Were?


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