Win and Lose by TC Blue

Torquere Press

M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-60370-376-5

Reviewed by Ley



Stranded and alone musician Luzien Bascombe traipses through a freezing and windy snowstorm searching for warmth.  As his hopes of finding safety start to fade, fate steps in and leads him to the door of tattoo artist Winston St. James. 

Win was surprised to find someone like Luz on his doorstep.  He was even more surprised by the instant and very strong attraction he felt toward the half frozen and soaking wet man. Taking Luz into his warmth, Win thawed Luzís body and warmed his heart. 

Falling in love so quickly was something that never happened to either man. 

In the short time that the elements kept them trapped together both men indulged in the physical while keeping their emotional feelings to themselves.  They knew what they had couldnít last no matter how much their hearts wished for it.

Win and Lose was a sweet emotional surprise for me.  I expected it to be a hot sexy story but the depth of the feelings between the men is what made the story for me.  The relationship advanced very, very quickly, but it didnít seem rushed because the circumstances and their personalities made it believable.  I canít recall reading anything by the author TC Blue before, but Win and Lose definitely has me intrigued.  I really enjoyed Win and Lose and TC Blue has a new fan.


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