Wicked Nights by Tawny Taylor

Passion Unbound

Changeling Press

Paranormal, BDSM

ISBN: 978-1-59596-941-5

Reviewed by Jo



What would you do if you learned that a secret group of men called the Twelfth Knight Brotherhood not only existed but were said to kidnap their brides and only came together as a trio?  Cheryl Witte plans on trapping a set of these men and writing the best story of her career.  After selecting two men and setting her trap, Cheryl waits for Cy and Maksim to appear.  However, things donít quite turn out as she plans when she is kidnapped and taken to their home.  Cy and Maksim plan on showing Cheryl just the type of actions they require from their wife.  While scared of what they wanted from her at first, Cheryl begins to discover that being tied up isnít so bad when you have two very sexy and dangerous men at your side.

Wicked Nights brought readers back to the world of the Twelfth Knight Brotherhood and their need to find a human wife to mate with.  Cheryl finds herself not only taken but abruptly introduced to the world of BDSM.  Not only do Cy and Maksim have to deal with showing Cheryl her new world, but they also have to bridge the differences between them before they can join forever.  For me, the world of BDSM has to be combined with deep emotion and understanding in order to make it work successfully, even if true love is not found.  The same is true, if not more so, for a romance to work.  Unfortunately, in Wicked Nights I was never able to feel that emotional bond which should bring Doms and Subs together in a harmonious relationship that can grow.  Maybe because of that, I also never felt that the trio ever came together romantically.  It could be that I felt this loss because Wicked Nights was not my first time visiting this particular world but it was the first time I was left feeling empty at the end.


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