Wicked is the Night by Catherine Mulvany

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ISBN-10: 1-4165-2558-0
ISBN-13: 978-1-4165-2558-5

Reviewed by Jo



Patrick “Trick” Grainger is still recovering from a racecar crash that has ended his racing career.  He may need an eye patch now, but he can see when a woman is thrown from the truck ahead of him one night.  Trick stops to see if she is okay and to try and help.  His mystery woman looks exactly like his ghost to Trick’s shock.  This rescue will lead to Trick discovering that vampires do exist and that they are not much nicer than some humans he could think of.

Nevada White is scared and running for her life.  She escaped from an institution with the help of a friend, but she has no idea who she is, where she came from or why she was placed in there in the first place.  Low on funds, Nevada accepted a ride from a trucker, but that was not her best idea as she found out having to escape from him.  Falling to the path of an oncoming car is not the best idea either, but it seems that luck is on Nevada’s side. 

Trick and his assistant Marcello give Nevada a ride and offer her a job at his supposed haunted house.  Nevada is too scared to take anything knowing that anyone who has helped her so far has turned up dead.  Circumstances and fear pull Trick and Nevada back together and they begin to find much more in common than the mystery surrounding Nevada and his ghost.   Nevada is falling for Trick but she has nothing – not even her name so how can she begin a life with him.  Trick isn’t planning on letting Nevada go and is going to help her find the way to her hidden memories.  Vampires, hunters, deceit and love all come together when Nevada and Trick discover just who she is and how she lost everything.

Wicked is the Night isn’t quite true because it’s the characters in the night that are the wicked things here.  Nevada spent years being known as a subject number.  After escaping she hits the road with a vague idea of wanting to find out who she is.  Trick has come out of a career ending accident and is trying to get a family house ready to sell.  When Trick and Nevada decide to work together to figure out both their mysteries, they are extremely surprised on where it leads them.  Both Trick and Nevada had been punched very hard by life, but I couldn’t help but be amazed that they both looked at the upside and not the pity side.  I loved the spunkiness that both showed on the events of the past, working on the mysteries of the present and hope for the future.  When the final confrontation came, the ending was poetic justice in my books.  I was extremely fulfilled when I turned the last page loving how things had worked out for Trick and Nevada.  My hope is that Ms. Mulvany will give Marcello his happy ending at a future time.  Wicked is the Night is a book you won’t want to put down after you get into it – I know I didn’t and I read it in one sitting. 


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