Wicked Hot by Charlene Teglia

St. Martinís Griffin


ISBN: 978-0312369460

Reviewed by Amelia



Edana is a succubus, a woman who forfeited her soul and now incites men to lust, feeding off them and claiming their souls for the devil. When he sends her to seduce a Nephilim sheís scared to death, and knows she probably wonít make it out of this assignment without being banished.

Eli is a Nephilim, a half-human, half-immortal warrior who binds, and then banishes demons. Heís not really sure what to do with the succubus who appears by his cabin, so he binds her until he decides how to best handle the situation.

But when Eli and Edana get back to Eliís cabin, Edana finds there is another Nephilim, Eliís brother, Dal. That there are two Nephilim is huge news to her, since sheíd thought the warriors were extinct, until she heard about Eli.

Eli decides Edana will be the perfect training tool for his brother, who needs to learn to control his lust. A succubus canít claim a soul unless thereís lust involved. The bound demon now has two immortal lovers, and no soul to claim. Not yet anyway. And falling in love with one of the warriors wasnít in her plans.

Wicked Hot is just that: a hot and wicked read. I absolutely fell in love with Edana, Eli and Dal, and the very nasty ways they worked together. This story isnít just about sex, though. Edanaís story pulled at my heartstrings, and the delicious Nephilim did the same thing.

Ms. Teglia pulled me in from the first page and didnít let go of me until the last. If you like your romance all spiced up, than this tale is for you. It has definitely found a spot on my keeper shelf.


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