Whispered Promise by Kally Jo Surbeck

Yadderwal Balance, Book 2

Samhain Publishing


ISBN: 1-59998-541-1

Reviewed by Jo



Lord Fiontenhal Banaghal Gellert (Fionn) is many things, including the 13th Marquis De LaRounge, an alchemist, and the new King of Yadderwal’s brother.  Fionn needs to go after his soul mate but he knows he has to handle family responsibilities first.  However, he makes sure that he would know how his soul mate is doing.  Tannah ust Nairn is the crown Princess of the EtherWorld and Fey.  Tannah is tricked into crossing the veil and is captured by a soul stealer.  Tannah knows that Fionn is her soul mate but worried about his safety, she tries to head him off. 

Fionn is not going to take no for an answer when he figures out that Tannah is being held captive.  He sets off to find and free Tannah, only to have his eyes opened along the way about how some of Yadderwal’s people have to deal with life.  Fionn teams up with a rascally young man and finds the answers to not only where Tannah is but also the help he needs to save her and others.  When Tannah and Fionn learn the truth about each other, they believe that although they are soul mates they can never be together.  They discover that you really should never question the will of the Gods or royalty – especially when love is involved.

Whispered Promise is the perfect sequel to Sudden Fall.  This time we get to see Fionn find, fight for and free his soul mate, Tannah.  Fionn is finally able to go and find out why Tannah will not talk to him in the Dream World anymore.  Tannah, as a creature who needs the sun, wind and other elements to be strong, has been forced to survive in a small and cramped cell which is dark and dank.  When Fionn and Tannah come together it is explosive – literally. I wanted Fionn to have his happy ending after meeting him in Sudden Fall and Tannah was just what he needed.  I have to admit that when I learned everything about them, I was worried that they might end up as star-crossed lovers.  I did not give Ms. Surbeck enough credit however, because not only did she find a solution but one where everyone wins.  Whispered Promise has all the elements for a great fantasy – royalty, love, the Fey, and a hint of uncertainty.  Fantasy lovers will want this in their library.

I highly recommend that you read this series in order as they follow each other exactly.  I hope that Ms. Surbeck decides to let us visit Yadderwal again.


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