Where There’s a Will by Katriena Knights

Samhain Publishing

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 1-60504-209-9

Reviewed by Shayna



When her great uncle dies and leaves her a house and partial castle in Scotland, Chloe Sullivan thinks a short trip to Glen Dunn is in order to sort things out, sell the land, and come back to America and her job as a financial consultant.  What Chloe doesn’t count on is her uncle’s bizarre will.  If Chloe wants the land to be sold to one of the townspersons, she has to stay in Scotland for a month.  And if Chloe wants to actually keep her inheritance, she has to marry a Scot within a month.  Her uncle is even so helpful as to provide a potential husband, Malcolm MacTavish.

Chloe may not want to marry someone to keep her inheritance, but she has no problem spending a month in the Highlands with the handsome Malcolm.  He’s sexy, charming, and kind.  What more could a woman want?  Though she knows their relationship isn’t meant to last, Chloe can’t help but wonder what it would be like if she could stay.  But when Malcolm finds out about the will, will their newfound love be crushed by broken trust?

Where There’s a Will took me on an enchanting journey to the Highlands of Scotland where humor, history, and romance were deftly spun together to create a story that is simply wonderful.  Katriena Knights has created an entire cast of characters that I would love to know in real life and a town that completely endeared itself to me.  As for the hero and heroine of the tale, Chloe is straightforward, intelligent, and keeps her cool even when she’s slightly out of her depths.  She’s the kind of person that, were she real, I could see myself being friends with.  Malcolm is a fantastic hero.  He’s patient, thoughtful, and oh-so-deliciously attractive.  Malcolm is just perfect enough to make him a sigh-worthy hero and just imperfect enough to make him feel like he could be real.

Ms. Knights weaves in a lot of Scottish history into the story, which I found to be delightful.  Ms. Knights clearly loves the country she wrote about and it comes through in the writing, the excitement coming off the page so clearly that I could not help but be swept away by it.  From beginning to end, Where There’s a Will is truly a pleasure to read.


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