When Adam Met Jack

When Adam Met Jack by G. A Hauser

Linden Bay Romance

Contemporary M/M Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60202-114-3

Reviewed by Lisa



Adam Levine is a Hollywood agent in a deep pile of shit at the moment because he has kept his mouth shut about his partner Jack Turnerís business practices.  Jack gives new meaning to the title Ďslime ballí since he insists on blowjobs, etc. from his new, young male clients before he will get them any film work.  Adam just canít turn his back on the whole thing anymore.  Jack Turner is scum and Adam doesnít want to be involved anymore whether through inaction or apathy.

A respected partner in a small law firm, Jack Larsen is still in the process of healing his broken heart after being ditched by his lover Mark Richfield for ex-cop Steve Miller.  Jack spends his days at the office and nights in his weight room.  A hollow heart and a fabulous physique are what heís left with.

At first Jack is disgusted with Adam after hearing the story but Jack begins to understand that there was little Adam could do if none of the young men were willing to step forward.  Now things have changed because one young guy has filed charges with the D. A. and perhaps with Adamís testimony as well something can be done.  But, Turner is now threatening Adam and the situation is getting more volatile by the day including the chemistry between Adam and his own personal lawyer, Jack.  What a way to meet your future!

When Adam Met Jack is a love story with romance, erotic encounters and two emotionally damaged alpha characters.  Unfortunately there are too many secondary characters with problems that sometime overwhelm the story, such as Jack Larsenís ex Mark who is clinging and whiny.  Why an intelligent lawyer like Jack or the new lover, Steve an ex-cop would be so willing to put up with Mark for so long regardless of how charming he can be is questionable.  Also, how can Adam put up with his lousy partner for 10 years? It doesnít say much for Adamís ethics at all.  Adam and Jackís private moments on and at the beach are a few special times in When Adam Met Jack that made this love story sincere.  There is also real chemistry between the two men when they first meet and somewhat sweet dialogue when they attempt to size each other up. Adam and Jack have the potential of something special, if they make the moments worthwhile. When Adam Met Jack has alpha sparks but unfortunately fizzles out before the climax.


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