What A Woman Wants by Brenda Jackson
St. Martin's Griffin
African American Contemporary
ISBN: 978-0312359348
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



After one of their closest friends committed suicide Faith, Monique and Shannon were truly devastated and at a great loss because the women didn’t understand the reasoning behind Cecilia’s dire action.  The three women vowed to honor Cecilia’s last wish – to live their life to the fullest.  So Faith, Monique and Shannon decided to spend the summer at a beach cottage on Hilton Head Island – the place where the four teenage girls first met and became lifelong friends.  Each wanted to take on and conquer a new enjoyable quest that she had been putting off for one reason or another.  None of the three women was looking for love; yet, that’s exactly what found them in the form of the very special men that they least expected to be attracted to. 

What A Woman Wants dealt with friendship, heartache, love, sadness, happiness, lots of drama and most of all steamy hot romance.  I thought that author Brenda Jackson did a fabulous job of putting each woman in her own spotlight and not for one moment did I feel lost or distressed because there wasn’t “one main heroine/hero” in the storyline.  Each character had complex traits and had a fair share of issues from the past that needed to be dealt with.  Faith had a sour taste in her mouth towards any type of a relationship after her divorce; Monique was just overcoming the grieving widow syndrome and Shannon had commitment shyness – she was strictly a “no strings attached” type of girl.  So when love entered the picture none of these women knew how to handle it.  Each heroine had to come to turns about what she really wanted from her special man and more importantly, if she was ready for what he had to offer.  By the end of Want A Woman Wants I was completed satisfied with the outcome.  This was a great read and I am sure that upon completion of this novel other readers will totally agree.


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