Warrior of the Light by B.J. McCall

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419918056

Reviewed by Tanya



Dani March has grown up knowing her grandfather and now he is gone.  So she moves back home into her childhood house and, while missing him, she is moving on.  She has set her sights on having a great Halloween and has made herself a super sexy little red riding hood outfit.  What happens when she wishes to have the big bad wolf be hers? Well for starters she suddenly has a wolf-like dog in the backseat of her convertible.  Now how did that happen?  More importantly what will happen when she figures out he can shape shift into a warrior?

Falon has no idea why he was summoned to Earth.  Though he is intrigued by the beautiful woman who seems to have no idea that she summoned him or what he is.  But, the summoning not only saved him from Hellcats but she is one hot morsel.  Is it possible that Dani has a past that Falon is meant to help her unlock?

Warrior of the Light made me think of two old sayings and chuckle.  They were:

1 – Be careful what you wish for

2 – Fairytales are usually based on some form of the truth

This fast-paced story by Ms. McCall was interesting, humorous and sexy.  I love how she was able to draw the past out of Dani’s mind and make it work into the current story.  I found the characters to be fun (and serious when needed) and the overall story to be intriguing.  I think Warrior of the Light makes a great afternoon read.



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