Wanted by J.M. Snyder


Amber Allure

Gay Historical

ISBN 978-1-60272-377-1

Reviewed by Cassie



Jesse McCray is one of the Rustlers, an outlaw gang feared by everyone in the town of Defiance.  He and the other three members of the gang are drinking and playing cards in the saloon when a handsome young man comes in.  The young man wants to sing to try and earn some money.  Jesse is instantly interested in the young man.

Ethan Phillips is on his way to California to make his fortune.  He doesnít expect much money from the rowdy crowd heís singing for, but thanks to Jesseís intervention, he earns quite a bit.  Attracted, Ethan invites Jesse for a drink as a thank-you.  With trouble brewing for the Rustlers, can there be any future for a singer and an outlaw?

I really enjoyed Wanted.  Iím not normally a fan of bad boy heroes, but Jesse is great.  Heís tough and ruthless when he needs to be, yet he can be tender as well.  Sweet, innocent, devoted Ethan is just the kind of man Jesse needs.  Thereís a lot of emotion in Wanted, and some hot scenes as well.  Of course, with an outlaw as a hero, Wanted is not all sweetness and light.  The tone is pretty dark, especially toward the end.  Jesseís situation gets so grim I actually started to wonder if there would be a happy ending.  If you like bad boys and emotional stories, and donít mind a little bitter with your sweet, Wanted is a read youíre sure to enjoy. 


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