Walk on the Wild Side by Christine Warren

A Novel of the Others

St. Martin’s Paperback


ISBN 10: 0-312-94791-7, ISBN 13: 978-0-312-94791-0

Reviewed by Indy



You know your week is going downhill when the hands of fate decide to dump on you one life changing encounter after another. Getting in a car accident was bad enough for Kitty Sugarman, but coming out of it on four paws means nothing will ever be the same again. As the clueless result of a human/were-lion encounter Kitty had no idea she was a female shifter with a were-lion for a father. Deciding to learn all she can about her new found abilities sends Kitty to the land of casinos, fast money and danger. A city where family get-togethers can result in bodily injury and only her stubbornness will keep her from falling flat on her face.

Marcus “Max” Stewart is second in command to Kitty’s father who happens to be the Felix of one of the largest prides in Vegas. Keeping their pride’s business running with ease is something that has occupied his time until the entrance of one sheltered belle with an accent southern dreams are made of and a freshness he never knew could be appealing. In honor of his Felix he will do everything in his power to make Kitty’s time with her father bearable and keep her safe from an extended family that isn’t too happy to see the latest addition to the pride.

This may come as a shock to the average paranormal reader but this was my first forage into the world of the Others, a world where paranormal beings live in harmony with their human counterparts. A Walk on the Wild Side is the story of Max and Kitty, two people who come together because of a shared connection with her father.  From the first encounter, Max is smitten with the woman he’d prepared himself to dislike and soon the man in line to be the next Felix finds himself wanting to ensure not only does Kitty enjoy her stay but that just maybe she will find more than just answers to her question but also a reason to remain in his city. In a world where selfish seems to be everyone’s middle name, Kitty is a breath of fresh air. A heroine even my grandmother would love with her honesty, manners, respect and a spark that lights up a room. Physical stature is the only place that Kitty is lacking because her fire, grit and overall sweetness will ensure readers will lover her as much as I did. Christine Warren has written an excellent addition to her fascinating group of Others novels, one that will electrify fans and leave them coming back for more.


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