Walking with Synn by L. Shannon
Anom'tan Series, Book 1
Cobblestone Press
Erotic Romance, Fantasy
ISBN: 978-1-60088-154-1
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Demonic twin brothers, Sayvor and Flayvor are viciously attacked - resulting in Flayvor being kidnapped, and Sayvor suffering from memory loss, his body weakened. What Sayvor needs is to have sex with a very agreeable lover to strengthen his mind, body, and soul in order for him to recollect the circumstances surrounding his brotherís abduction.

Dr. Sasha Washington is used to counseling immortals with exceptional situations, however, her latest case puts the icing on the cake.  Sayvor, her patient, needs sex in order to regain his power and memory. Although it was a very unusual request, Sasha can't find it in her heart not to conduct this bizarre therapy to save her patientís life, and to help locate his missing brother. It doesn't hurt that Savyor ignites a burning desire within her.

Walking with Synn was a wonderful introduction in L. Shannonís amazing Anomítan series. This preliminary story sets the stage for whatís to come in the future.  The riveting plot moved at a swift pace, and it wasnít before long that the ending was upon me.  Right from the start, Ms. Shannon dived right into heart of things, and the intense heat didnít let up for one moment. Each sexual encounter between Savyor and Sasha gets hotter as the couple discovers each otherís pleasure points, and more importantly, the secrets trapped in Savyorís memory. I found Walking with Synn to be one well written treat. I canít wait to get my hands on the additional installments within Ms. Shannonís Anomítan series.


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