Walking in Two Worlds by Terry O'Reilly

Aspen Mountain Press

M/M Western

ISBN: 978-1-60168-140-9

Reviewed by Ley



Caught in a homosexual act Lee Master was run off the ranch he was working on and forced to live in the open wilderness.  Setting up camp in the mountains Lee meets Tatanka who has been exiled from his tribe because of his sexual orientation.  The two men find an immediate mental and physical connection with each other. 

Feeling as if they finally found a family it was made complete when Sleeps With Dogs becomes a part of it.  Finding a place to call home proves to be a challenge for them when acceptance in the white world and the Native comes with a price.

Walking in Two Worlds is a loving story about finding your place in the world.  What seemed like a fast moving relationship between Tatanka and Lee was revealed later in the story to be much deeper than Tatanka simply stumbling upon Lee’s camp.  Tatanka and Lee faced some major challenges and conflicts to be together including Tanaka’s honor to his tribe.  Walking in Two Worlds is a very interesting story; I think the author did a great job with it.  From the very first chapter the research and attention to detail Terry O’Reilly poured into it is very evident.  Readers will enjoy Walking in Two Worlds on many different levels.


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