Walking in Memories by L. Shannon
Anom'tan Series, Book 2
Cobblestone Press
Erotic Romance, Paranormal
ISBN: 978-1-60088-170-1
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Walking in Memories is the second installment in L. Shannon’s Anom’tan series.

Rayce and Chayse, twin Anom’tan demons, are hunting down a lead on their missing brother, Flayvor. Evidence pointed towards Clarice, a human witness, but instead of gaining the important information that might assist the twins in locating Flayvor, Rayce and Chayse learn Clarice’s mind has been corrupted by a vicious demon. It's left her unable to remember the circumstances surrounding their brother’s kidnapping, and powerless to say no to anything, even if it might caused her bodily harm.

Although the vampire demons are identical in every way, Rayce always takes the lead, and makes sure that he keeps things on track for Chayse.  After a very hurtful incident in the past, Chayse somehow lost his confidence.  That is, until he and Rayce encounter the lovely Clarice.  Both are instantly fascinated with Clarice’s beauty, however Chayse’s lustful desire for her almost makes him forget their mission of persuading her to give up the important information they need to learn the whereabouts of Flayvor.  All Chayse wants to do is to protect Clarice at all costs, and to share her in a forever love affair with Rayce. 

Will the twins be able to unchain the blockage on Clarice’s mind and restore her memory in time enough to save the life of their missing brother? More importantly, will Clarice welcome two demonic lovers into her life?

Walking in Memories picked up right where its predecessor left off.  In this novel, although the reader gains insight into who abducted Flayvor, author L. Shannon still manages to keep us hanging on, eager to learn more behind the mystery of Flayvor’s kidnapping - which I am sure will be answered in future novels. The excitement behind the suspenseful plot and the sizzling hot romance kept me greatly intrigued until the very end, and had me eager to get my hands on the next exciting installment.  Chayse, Clarice, and Rayce’s love affair was a lustful, passionate event, and the shower scene – all I can say is "Man, oh, man!" I'm still blushing just thinking about it. Whew! Thanks go to Ms. Shannon for another impressive read.


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