Walking Deathís Edge by L. Shannon
Anom'tan series, Book 4
Cobblestone Press
Erotic Romance, Urban Fantasy
ISBN: 978-1-60088-261-6
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Walking Deathís Edge is the fourth installment in L. Shannonís Anomítan series.

Forever cursed because of a past deed, in order to survive Maya needs the energy of death. In essence Maya is a death eater who lives off the demise of others.  Just before she is about to claim her next victim, Maya learns she'd been tricked, and the life she was about to take is an innocent. Very upset, Maya is determined to save the life of this near death male; however, before she can perform this act she needs to gain her strength through another feed.

As the commander of the Anomítan unit, it is Bryckís duty to make sure ] his team of Synn demons perform well, and are properly taken care of.  So, when Flayvor, one of his crew members, is taken hostage, Bryck is willing to do whatever it takes to retrieve his man Ė even if it means resorting to using his death magic. Rumor has it that a woman by the name of Maya is the key to locating Flayvor. Bryck vows before the day is done, Maya is going to give him the necessary information he needs, or there will be hell to pay.

Neither could have ever imagined death would lead each of them to finding their perfect match; yet, thatís exactly what happens the instant Bryck and Maya met. Now, all the new lovers amongst the entire Anomítan team will be put to the test, as they all race against time to save Flayvor from the grip of death.

L. Shannonís Anomítan series keeps on delivering one marvelous story after another and Walking Deathís Edge is no exception. This novella is the climax surrounding the mystery behind Flayvorís kidnapping that began back in Book One. I would suggest reading each book in order of release date before tackling Walking Deathís Edge for a better understanding of the plot and the spectacular conclusion.  With that said, once you embark upon this novel, you are in for a magnificent treat filled with a multitude of passionate, sexual encounters between the current and past hero/heroines, and the grand finale to the thrilling Flayvor mystery that kept me excited throughout this entire series. Overall, I think fans of the Anomítan stories will be very pleased with Walking Deathís Edge. Kudos goes to Ms. Shannon for yet another fabulous read.


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