Walk Among Us by Vivien Dean

A Calling of Souls story

Samhain Publishing

Contemporary Paranormal (M/M)

ISBN: 1-60504-185-8

Reviewed by Sabella



Calvin Shumacher is in the last place he ever wanted to come back to – Watson Park, Illinois for the worst reason possible, his father’s death.  However, while attending the graveside service, one of the mourners gets shot and as everyone is busy looking at the dead man, Calvin is transfixed by the silhouette of the sniper.  When Calvin, unwisely, approaches the shooter he finds a strangely sad and compelling man that disappears like a wisp of smoke when Calvin looks away.

Matthew Soto is a man on a mission.  He believes that he can see demons and that this “sight” is a “gift” from God – a gift that he hates, yet feels compelled to use to protect the fellow man.  When he is confronted by Calvin, Matthew expects hostility or the careful handling that the truly crazy people get, but with Calvin he gets curiosity.

As these two men are attracted to each other in the most unlikely manner can they reconcile their geographical distance and Matthew’s belief in demons?

Reading Walk Among Us was an interesting read with its oblique references to religion, God and Demons as well as finding love unexpectedly.  Calvin is interesting with his slightly off center view of the world, while Matthew is compelling in a strange, yet emotional way that will leave you rooting for him even while believing he is a killer.  However, as unlikely as their coming together is, the fire they start in their first encounter rages throughout the pages until the very end.  I really enjoyed reading Walk Among Us with its compelling characters and unique plot that will haunt you long after you turn the last page.


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