Waiting for Willow by Bonnie Rose Leigh

eXtasy Books


ISBN: 978-1-55487-161-1

Reviewed by Lisa



For the past month Willow Kincaid has been very happy with her newest employees, Derek Moretti and Quinn Donovan.  Not only were they great bouncers and bartenders at The Howler but their hot looks were definitely bringing in more customers who also wanted to enjoy the view.

Derek and Quinn figured that a month was long enough for Willow to grow accustomed to them.  At any rate their patience was at an end.  It was time to claim their mate; their inner wolves felt it was past time, way past time.

The town of Serenity is home to all types of super-naturals, people who live normal lives yet are far from normal.  They all live in relative harmony or so they thought.  Someone is attempting to bring the Demon Leonard to life and when Willow is marked by the demon followers itís up to her mates to save her and then all three will try to save Serenity.

Waiting for Willow is a sensual treat set within a suspenseful drama certain to delight readers.  Masterful and sexy, the two alpha men are delicious characters and Willow is a strong, self aware alpha in her own right.  I particularly liked the mystery of the demon cult blended into the blossoming romance. Waiting for Willow has something for everyone in this fast paced, sizzling whodunit.


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