Vision of Seduction by Cassie Ryan

The Seduction Series, Book 2



ISBN: (10) 0758220669 (13) 978-0758220660

Reviewed by Amelia



Katelyn Hunt and her business partner, Rita, run a New Age shop in Phoenix. Besides being a savvy businesswoman, Katelyn is also a seer, an ability shes possessed since she was a child. When a gorgeous dark-haired man starts hanging around her store shes intrigued, and hopes hes there for more than tea, or books.

Grayson de Klatch, 7th Prince of Klatch, knows Katelyn is the seer he seeks, that will make part of a triangle that will save his home planet of Tador from dying. Telling her that, though, may be difficult. But when her shop is attacked by the Cunts, the clan that wants to take Tador from the Klatch, he helps her fight them, then takes her through the portal to Tador.

Katelyn loves the beautiful place Grayson has shown her, and she thinks its delightful to visit. But hes told her nothing about the triangle, or why he wants her abilities as a seer. For his part, Grayson realizes Katelyn is meant to be his mate, but when she learns the truth about the triangle will she stick around, or will she run?

Vision of Seduction follows in the footsteps of Ceremony of Seduction; richly written with beautifully drawn characters, it is a feast for the senses. I absolutely adored Katelyn, with her spirit and her drive to do the right thing. Watching her learn about Tador was a treat. Greyson is a masterful hero, who awakens her senses and enchants the reader.

Returning to the world of the Klatch and Cunts provided hours of fun that I really enjoyed. As a warning, there is some violence in the novel that made me a little squeamish at some points. Still, all in all, Vision of Seduction is a fantastic story that loves of paranormal romance will enjoy. If you havent read the first novel, you need to pick it up before reading Vision of Seduction.


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