Virgin by Jessica Freely

Loose id

M/M Shape-shifter Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-59632-741-2

Reviewed by Ley



Living in a small town with a relative that treats him worse than a slave is Joam’s life and his life is hard enough, without adding to it the fact that he is gay and also varnal.  When Blake, a hustler from the big city, enters the garage where Joam works looking for someone to fix his broken-down car, Joam finds it hard to control his natural urges.  Giving up his virginity to Blake unleashes a chain of events that have Blake and Joam fighting for their lives against evil sorcerers and a varnal creature that was promised Joam’s virginity.

Virgin is an unusual story and I liked it.  Joam is a lonely young man that has no one in the world except an uncle who abuses him mentally and physical. I felt so sad for him and my heart broke at his reaction to the affection that Blake showed him.  Virgin is very different, weird and sweet and I hope there is a sequel because I want to read more about Joam and Blake.


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