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Veiled Passions by Jeanie Johnson and Jayha Leigh

Engineered IV Love Series, Book 1

Beautiful Trouble Publishing

Contemporary Erotic Romance, I/R, BBW

ISBN: 978-1-936271-07-8

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Dr. Isoke Morehouse is stuck in Phoenix at an engineering convention, courtesy of the firm she works for.   The bad food, sweltering heat, and horribly dressed, obnoxious engineers are enough to challenge any southern woman with a crumb of intelligence, so a genius like Isoke is dying to go home to Atlanta.  She’s willing to persevere for the sake of her boss, Njroar “Roar” Valdason, the brains behind the firm.   Roar is one gorgeous package and as cool as the Nordic climes from which he hails.  Except when a situation occurs involving Isoke, he loses all sense of reason.

Take two brilliant people, throw them in a volatile situation with a boatload of chemistry, and then detonate.   What happens next is you’ve landed in another take-no-prisoners narrative by mother-daughter writing team Jeanie Johnson and Jayha Leigh.  Veiled Passions is set in the same universe as A Little Bit of Dis, since Isoke is Karlo’s best friend, although the marketing genius doesn’t make an appearance in this installment.   The explosive interaction between Isoke and Roar drags you in, and the plot sits on a keg of dynamite surrounded by the couple’s friends and colleagues who are all willing to light the fuse.   I’ll be honest and say not a lot happens in these boy-meets-girl-and-tags-that-booty stories, yet a picture paints a thousand words, or rather in this case, the language does the flat screen HD impact meets Blue Ray gleam.  This is helpful for framing the wanton sex eruption featuring Isoke and Roar. 

The punch is all in the delivery, and the very intense and imaginative way that these ladies bring it all home.  Reading any story by these authors is just pure unadulterated fun.  Most peeps aren’t willing to pass up anything that remotely resembles a good time, so snatching up a copy is an excellent way to chase away the late autumn blues.   I’m the first to admit that I’m hooked on Jeanie Johnson and Jayha Leigh’s prose style and rambunctious characters, and there’s no turning back from here on.


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