Vampire’s Captive by Aurora Rose Lynn

Total E-Bound

Contemporary Erotic Romance

ISBN: 978-1-906590-75-8

Reviewed by Chris



Brett Wolfe’s ex-wife Sierra has just been stood up at the altar - literally. Brett, who’s still madly in love with her, is thrilled it happened. I could leave it at that and I’m sure you could pretty much figure out the end of the story on your own. But since the story starts here and rumbles downhill like a junker car with faulty brakes, I’ll continue.

Brett’s a vampire. Unfortunately, living eternally without Sierra doesn’t make him a happy boy. Perhaps he should have considered this before divorcing her. The reasonable solution would be for him to make Sierra a vampire as well. Since he considers himself a monster, he doesn’t want to mar the pedestal he’s placed Sierra on and turn her into one too. He is, however, quite content to tie her up and ravage her.

Being the woman, it’s left to Sierra to come up with a viable alternative to quick nighttime trysts and lingering loneliness.

There’s no way to politely put this. I disliked this story. Sex abounds in Vampire’s Captive and to its credit, it is well written, but the characters come across as melodramatic and soap opera-ish. Man or vampire, Brett Wolfe is needy, whining, and immature. For a being who's four hundred years old, one would think he’d have finally matured, though that does prove a point—men never really do grow up. His ex-wife, Sierra, isn’t much better. Since they are the only characters in the roughly forty-page story, that doesn’t leave much else to relate to. When I read that a deserted carnival served as the backdrop to many of the sex scenes, I was quite excited. Come on? Doesn’t that sort of setting dredge up all kinds of shivery ideas, particularly with a vampire? Unfortunately, it doesn’t live up to its potential.


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