Valentine by Jamieson Wolf

Cobblestone Press

Male/Male Historical

ISBN: 978-1-60088-220-3

Reviewed by Ley



Defying the laws of the Roman Emperor, Valentine, a believer of love, secretly marries those who wish to be joined. This was considered treason under Emperor Claudius’ rule, for the Emperor declared a ban against marriage in order to posses a strong army without thought of family deterring them.  Because the couples were not allowed to wear jewelry to indicate they were married they hung the broom used in their ceremony in their homes.  Asterius, chief of the Roman Guard, visits Valentine with one of the brooms found hanging in the home of a couple married by Valentine. Knowing Asterius’ visit is not a pleasant one Valentine could not help the attraction he felt for the soldier, and he was happily surprised when Asterius let it be known the feeling was mutual.

Valentine is a very interesting story.  The author takes an old Roman legend and weaves an erotic tale of a love affair between Valentine and Asterius, his later in life would be jailor. The secret romance along with hot love scenes is even more erotic because of the risk both men are taking to be with each other.  Valentine is sweet and also sad, knowing the story is based on a myth/legend we also know what lies ahead for the two lovers.


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