Unstoppable Force by Lisa Marie Davis

Dreamspinner Press

M/M Contemporary

Reviewed by Ley



Ethan Trent rose from the wrong side of the tracks to build himself up into a multi millionaire who can have anything he wanted at his fingertips. After meeting Cale Brooks he would trade everything he owned to keep him in his life.

Cale Brooksí life was similar to Ethanís in the regard that they both were runaways from a bad childhood, but unlike Ethan, Cale didnít meet people who helped him turn his life into a success instead Cale ended up a male prostitute. Caleís luck started to change when Ethan hired him to spend two weeks in his company.  Cale had never met anyone like Ethan and as much as he wished he were worthy of someone like him, he knew he would never be viewed as anything more than a callboy.

Unstoppable Force is a sweet story.  Cale and Ethanís lives started pretty much the same way, but Ethan was lucky and found someone who wanted to help him become more while Cale only found people who wanted to own and abuse him.  My heart went out to Cale, he felt he was so worthless because that was how people treated him until he met Ethan.  Ethan was a good guy with a good heart and he was perfect for Cale. No matter their status in the world they both shared the same insecurities when it came to love. Unstoppable Force is a loving story that tugs at the heartstrings and I found it very enjoyable.


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