Unspoken Love by Doreen Rainey

Love series, Book 4
Kimani Press
African American Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1583145951
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Derrick Carrington was hopeless in love with Natalie Donovan.  Derrick wanted nothing more than to marry her; but, until he was legally divorce from his first wife, whom he had been separated from for more than a year, Natalie refused to accept his marriage proposal.  Or, so Derrick thought because once he finally became a free man, Natalie found yet another excuse not to say yes.

All her life Natalie Donovan had been raised by her mother to believe that it wasnít safe to depend solely on a man because in the end he would always cause great heartache and pain.  Natalie faithfully stuck to her motherís code of honor; that was until Dr. Derrick Carrington entered her life.  Without Natalie realizing it, Derrick slowly broke through her defenses and charmed her into falling in love.

But, all wasnít well for the happy couple because deep down inside Natalie was still afraid of total commitment and she truly believed that marriage meant giving up her independence.  Will Derrick be able to convince Natalie to let go of the past and take a chance on building a united life together as man and wife?

Unspoken Love by Doreen Rainey put a new twister on an old plot; total commitment.  This storyline dealt with the heroine running away from commitment instead of the hero.  Natalieís fears ran deep.  She was hung up on commitment in general because of how her mother had raised her.  Although, she showcased great affection towards Derrick; Natalie could never jump the marriage hurtle.  Natalie was a very independent woman in every way except when it came to the matters of the heart.  Derrick was a yummy man with alluring charm and refinement. I loved the way he approached making Natalie his own. He knew that he was dealing with a woman that shied away from commitment, so he took the road less traveled to earn her absolute devotion.  The coupleís love scenes were tenderly sweet and told in a vanilla fashion.  Unspoken Love demonstrated that love can bloom in the scariest heart and that even with countless hindrances at play, love can conquer all.


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