Uneven by Anah Crow

Torquere Press

M/M BDSM Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-60370-328-4

Reviewed by Ley



Raised by a stern father, Rase Illion continues to live his life through his father’s eyes long after his death.  Firm, no nonsense and in complete control Rase strives to have the upper hand in every aspect of his life, until he meets Gabriel Chariton. 

Gabriel, a stock boy working for Rase, guessed Rase’s secret from the moment they met.  Gabriel exerted his control over Rase and knew he would come back for more.  Gabriel penetrated Rase’s defenses and gave Rase what he needed physically and emotionally, but it’s the emotional aspect that may be too much for even Gabriel to handle.

Uneven is a heavy BDSM story that I was finding hard to connect with.  I was not drawn into Gabriel and Rase relationship at all. I found it to be dysfunctional and abusive instead of the erotic dysfunctional sexual play of BDSM.  As much as I have enjoyed Anah Crow’s work in the past and find her to be a pretty terrific writer, she failed to convince me of a love match between Rase and Gabriel.

I felt more of a compatible connection between Rase and his male secretary.  Allen was a fantastic character and I wish Ms. Crow had explored a bit more with him.  Although Uneven was not my cup of tea, I am still a fan of Ms. Crow’s work and will continue to read whatever she produces.


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