Under The Spell by Karen Wiesner

Incognito Series, book 5

Whiskey Creek Press

Action Suspense

ISBN: 978-1-59374-760-2

Reviewed by Ley



System analyst for the Network communications team, Justine Fielding has unfinished business in her hometown of Texas.  In her prior life, before the Network, she was Gina Calhoun and she lived with her father on a ranch.  Now that life, along with Gina Calhoun, is gone.  Gina’s life in Texas is one Justine never planned to return to, but the Network had other ideas.  Informed that her father was dead and the reasons around his death may be Network connected a devastated Justine resurrects Gina and returns to her life in Texas to find out who may have killed her father.  Things get more complicated when it turns out her ex love Alex Lynch may be involved.

Alex, now the owner of Gina’s family ranch, has one of his loves in the life.  The other was Gina.  When she disappeared Alex focused his life on the ranch, now that Gina is returned Alex is not sure how to feel. One thing is for certain, he still wants Gina just as much as he did back then.

Under The Spell is aptly named, Gina/Justine and Alex fall hopelessly under each other’s spell.  This is, not surprising, another great addition to a fantastic series.  Although Under The Spell is part of a series it reads wonderfully as a standalone, as with all of the books of this series.  Under The Spell is more on the romantic side, but the suspense of the novel is not compromised because of it.  I enjoyed this story and I know followers of this series will too.


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