Under the Blood Red Moon by Mina Hepsen


Vampire Historical

ISBN: (13) 978-0-06-137325-1; 0-06-137325-7

Reviewed by Sabella



Angelica Shelton Belanov has always been quite happy with her secluded life in the country.  After all, it afforded her the much needed distance from the “noise” of hearing other people’s thoughts.  However, circumstances have forced her to London, where she is having a hard time controlling the immense influx of stranger’s thoughts. Thoughts which have served to hinder her search for a husband.  But when she meets Prince Alexander Kourakin not only does Angelica discover that she is not alone in her “talent” of hearing other’s thoughts, but her involvement with him plunges Angelica into a world that she never imagined could be real, much less so close to home…

Prince Alexander Kourakin has dedicated his life to his clan, taking little joy in life since his sister’s death many years ago.  However, the resurgence of a rogue vampire that is going around London killing people while trying to stir up another war with Vampire Slayers has forced Alexander to once again join the current society.  But, what Alexander never counted on was encountering a woman like Angelica, who stirs all of his passions that have lain dormant for over a century.

Under the Blood Red Moontakes a different view of the vampire myth, while reflecting that societies, of any kind, will always have malcontents that strive to divide, while always having some symbol of hope of a better future.  Angelica is a charming character with her steely demeanor and refusal to bow to society’s expectations of a woman.  Alexander, however, is the classic tortured hero who uses an icy demeanor to keep the world at bay.  I immensely enjoyed Ms. Hepsen’s unique writing style that was peppered with funny, insightful and sardonic quotes to poke fun at the characters themselves and the action around them.  Over all, Under the Blood Red Moon is a wonderful debut into the romance genre for writer Mina Hepsen, which reveals her to be a writer to watch for in the coming future as she breaks out of the traditional mold and expectations of historical romance heroines.  Get yourself Under the Blood Red Moon when you are looking for a romance that will engage you from start to finish!


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