Undercover Submission by Melinda Barron

Graceful, Book 2

Loose Id


ISBN: 978-1-59632-785-6

Reviewed by Jo



Kennedy Tyson is thrilled that one of her favorite authors has become a friend and has taken an interest in her fledgling writing career.  Kennedy agrees to dinner with the Shelby's at their house but while she knows that Grace's husband is a movie star Kennedy did not expect to find out the other dinner guest, Cedric, is a superstar.  At dinner, Kennedy finds out the true relationship between Grace and her husband and that Cedric is a Dom.  Kennedy is a born Sub but has had bad experiences and has not been part of that world for years.  So why does she feel the need to submit to Cedric?

Cedric Dawson has never hidden the fact he is a Dom or how he would like to live his life.  Cedric wants what his friend Toffer has with wife and Sub, Grace.  So far that type of relationship has escaped him, but meeting Grace's friend Kennedy, and after a perfect night of play, Cedric believes he might have found the Sub of his dreams.

Cold feet and bad experiences have Kennedy withdrawing from the new relationship even though she loves Cedric as her Dom.  Cedric is not going to take Kennedy's excuses as a reason for ending their budding partnership, he just has to come up with a way to show Kennedy that all bad experiences are in the past and they can have a glowing future together.  With the help of his good friends, Toffer and Grace, Cedric has the perfect solution, if only Kennedy can solve the riddles.

What do you do when you when you have found the perfect partner and she is scared to go forward?  In Undercover Submission Cedric will have to discover the answer before he can have Kennedy as his forever Sub and partner.  I have hoped for Cedric's happy ending since meeting him last Halloween.  I was able to fall for Kennedy quickly and soon realized just how perfectly suited she was for Cedric.  I loved how Ms. Barron not only put Kennedy and Cedric together but kept the same feeling of love, play and tenderness that has been in her previous Graceful series books.  I finished Undercover Submission in record time because I could not put it down without knowing how it ended.  I highly suggest that you rush to add Undercover Submission to your erotic library.

If you do not have Graceful Submission, Toffer and Grace's story, or Graceful Mischief, where Cedric makes his appearance, then you will want to grab them at the same time.  Here's hoping that Ms. Barron gives us more in their world.


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