Under a Silver Moon by Barbara Sheridan and Anne Cain

ChildsPrey 3

Loose Id


ISBN: 978-1-59632-479-4

Reviewed by Willow



Imai Shimizu is cranky as hell.  The singer has been through 3 nurses, 2 doctors, 2 stylists and 4 assistants since he broke his leg. He also has every intention of making life difficult for his new stylist/nurse, Kim Donovan, who is deliberately being a pain in the ass, but Kim doesnít scare so easily.

Kim is much more stubborn than Imai could have imagined. She will stick it out with this irritating, prima donna rockstar who is the most beautiful man she has ever laid eyes on. He definitely jump starts her hormones and her reaction to him is very physical. Kim is trying very hard to keep it all on a professional level with the younger man. Why would he want someone like her?

Kim and Imai canít control the growing feelings they have for each other and finally decide to stop fighting them. Neither has felt so loved and content in ages. But not everyone is happy for them. Can they overcome the manipulations of an obsessed admirer?

I absolutely love the ChildsPrey series. The characters are so alive and Under the Silver Moon has one of my favorite pairings in itóthe younger man and the older woman. Imaiís feelings and actions toward Kim go a long way to repair her feelings of low self esteem. He makes no bones about how much he wants her and not just for a little while. I want to go play with ChildsPrey for just a little while longer. You should come with.


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