Uncovering Egypt by Ann Cory


Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60504-254-1

Reviewed by Chris



Archeologist Jasmine Devi is ecstatic to be living her dream - searching for artifacts inside the Great Pyramid of Giza. Her parents were Egyptologists, and her life centers around her love of Egyptian history. The discovery of a peridot bracelet in one of the pyramid's side chambers is an unexpected and thrilling find. What she doesnít expect is its power to draw a real Egyptian king into her time.

The minute Jasmineís peridot bracelet wraps around her wrist, King Okpara is tugged through time to be at her side. Convincing her to travel back with him to be his queen is going to be a challenge. Unfortunately, without her at his side, heíll be unable to return home, leaving Egypt without a king and forever altering history.

Then thereís Mason. Heís had the hots for Jasmine for years. Crazed obsession and gun ownership, though, doesnít usually mix well, and itís no exception in this tale.

I had very high hopes for Uncovering Egypt. Ancient Egypt is provocative all on its own, and adding in an intriguing premise and sex with a pharaoh, it should have been an exciting, non-stop story. Instead, itís a rather mediocre read. Plenty of sex and a jealous would-be boyfriend are not enough to redeem this plot. Jasmine Devi is a shallow character whose emotions are never fully delved into, and consequently, her actions are met with this readerís shrug. Mason's nonchalant response to the pharaoh, time travel, and every other surreal word spilling from Jasmine's mouth rings hollow. The best I can say is that artwork for Uncovering Egypt is exquisite. Cover artist Natalie Winter deserves two thumbs up.


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