Unclaimed by Nathalie Gray

Red Sage Publishing

Sci-Fi, Adventure

ISBN: 9781603101400

Reviewed by Jo



Maxine "Max" Fields is in deep space on Christmas night on her way to make a delivery.  As an independent freighter captain she really had no choice in making this special delivery.   With a cup of eggnog in hand, Max is looking at her baby tinsel tree wondering if Santa is going to deliver any gifts.  A distress beacon brings the delivery of Edmond "Eddy" Cabanesty.  A tall and dangerous looking man just floating around in his pod with a list of crimes posted that should have put a deadly scare in Max.  Eddy was used as a scapegoat by his government and was exiled.  Eddy awakens to Max, eggnog, penguin pjs and wonders what put him on Santa’s list.  The question for both of them is which list, good or bad? 

Santa had a very unusual present to deliver in Unclaimed.  Max was just getting ready for her lonesome Christmas dinner when Eddy arrived unexpectedly, especially considering that Max was in the middle of space. Circumstances made it so that both Max and Eddy had to deal with difficult events in their lives.  Max wants to free Eddy, but he can smell a dangerous rat focusing on Max.  Sometimes when writing a love scene between two people who just encounter each other it can be cold and impersonal, but Ms. Gray gave Max and Eddy emotional scenes that became very personal and identifying.  The heady combination of erotic sex and serious danger in Unclaimed kept my attention fixed firmly on the pages. I was happy to see Max and Eddy head out on their next adventure, with the hope of a loving future together. 


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