Twin Delights by Layla Chase

Amber Heat

Contemporary Erotica

ISBN: 978-1-60272-170-8

Reviewed by Vicki



Whit and Holt are Twins and they are used to sharing everything, including women.  When they meet the beautiful Michelene, they agree to work their charms on her.  Part way into the night everything changes and one of the men wants her all to himself. Michelene has her hands full with these sexy brothers; will she be able to handle the sensations they create in her?

Twin Delights is a steamy read for sure in this quick sex turned romance. I am not quite sure I bought the romance in the end, but the rest of the story held up as much as it could.  I did not enjoy the twin threesome angle of the story.  While the men did not touch or do anything to each other there are instances where they are both pleasuring Michelene at the same time.  It was just too close for my comfort.


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