Twelfth of Never by Bobbie Russell

Halloween Heart-throbs

Total-e-Bound Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-906328-45-0

Reviewed by Jo



Zoe Shepard, a writer, has come to Ireland after finding her lover in bed with another woman.  She arrives at her rental exhausted, falls asleep, and is given the best orgasm of her life.  Zoe finds out that her cottage is haunted and she thinks that in her current mood, having a male around who doesn’t want anything and gives her great sex every night isn’t a bad thing.  However, that all changes on the night of the full moon when she meets her cottagemate – a sexy man with a never ending hard-on. 

Keegan McFallon was the lord of his clan when he made a witch mad and she cursed him to a life of giving women climaxes.  He can only feel the woman he is with on the new and full moons, when he can be human again.  Keegan wonders if anyone will ever be able to break his curse.  The writer in Zoe wonders if anyone would ever believe a story about a man who lives in spirit who gives amazing orgasms.  Zoe needs Keegan around more than twice a month and works hard to solve the riddle and find the twelfth of never. 

Twelfth of Never is an erotic tale that lets you explore the sexier side of the paranormal.  Keegan tells his lover that he must leave her and marry someone else– not a good choice right after making love or when your lover is a witch.  He is now bound to the cottage and sex until the curse is broken.  Zoe walked in on her lover sharing their bed with someone else and she left, feeling bitter and wanting nothing to do with faithless men.  Keegan and Zoe discover each other on her very first night but it is really just the beginning for them.  I don’t think I would have taken it as well as Zoe to find that type of a housemate but I was cheering for both of them as the clock began ticking.  Twelfth of Never is a fun and light-hearted tale with just a touch of paranormal but a full dose of romance.


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