Trophy Girl by Melani Blazer
Samhain Publishing
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 1-59998-070-3
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



NASCAR driver Zander Torris has a reputation for being a bad-boy with an obnoxious, donít-care attitude to match, however, it isn't the real Alexander ĎZanderí Torris. It's an image he portrays to the media because he wants to keep his personal life private, and not allow the public limelight to cause him any more pain and heartache as it had once in the past. Zander is happy with his perceived public image until he meets Molly Freibach.

Molly Freibach can't believe her eyes.  Standing right in front of her at the camp for troubled kids where she volunteers, is the famous NASCAR driver, Zander Torris, and he wants to meet her. What makes things even more bizarre is the fact that Zander invites her to accompany him to a fundraiser sponsor dinner, and he refuses to take no for an answer. It leaves Molly wondering why in the world a well-known celebrity would want to take her, an unknown nurse practitioner who's spent her vacation volunteering at kidís camp, out for the evening.

If you are a huge NASCAR fan or even if you are not, you are going to love Melani Blazerís Trophy Girl.  This story has a great mixture of super-fast car racing, and an even faster, hotter romance.  Zander comes across as an arrogant, manipulative type of guy, but when Molly appears on the scene, Zander is thrown for a loop because he doesn't know how to handle a woman who stands up and confronts him at every turn. With two very strong-willed personalities, there is a lot of head-butting and heated confrontation going on between the couple, both in and out of bed. Readers, you canít go wrong once you dive into Ms. Blazerís Trophy Girl.


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